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Second (Circuit) helpings in McDonald’s fat suit

The Washington Times — and just about everyone else — reports that the Second Circuit has revived part of a lawsuit by two teenagers who couldn’t say no when asked “Do you want fries with that?” A federal district court judge had thrown the lawsuit out, but the Second Circuit says that one of the New York state claims can proceed. Plaintiffs Ashley Pelman and Jazlen Bradley claim that McDonald’s hid the health risks of its grease coated heart attach specials. However, Bloomberg reports that McDonald’s says that they will prevail in this frivolous” lawsuit. I’d say that it is more like fry-volous, but that’s just me.

The Second Circuit’s decision can be read here: Pelman v. McDonald’s Corp., 03-9010 (2nd Cir. Jan. 25, 2005).


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The Advertising Law Blog FAQ

Thanks for visiting the Advertising Law Blog. As you may have guessed, this site will address various issues and developments in the law of advertising, in particular trademark law and Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) regulations and enforcement proceedings. I hope that you find this blog to be a valuable and informative resource. Enjoy and onto the frequently asked questions.

What is advertising law?
Advertising law is a field that includes any legal discipline that addresses commercial communications. This can include trademark law, regulatory law (particularly from the FTC), copyright law, and tort law. As is the case with most legal fields, advertising law is interdisciplinary and a good advertising lawyer needs at least a passing background in a number of legal specialties. Accordingly, this answer could never exhaustively define the field without going on for ever and ever and… okay, let’s move onto the next question.

What will you post on this blog?
Since this blog is fairly new, I can’t fully answer that yet. However, I hope to post relevant news, commentary, and case links and occasionally provide my own summaries and commentary on what I am reading in the field.

So how often will you post?
Again, I am not sure yet. On another blog, I post multiple times a day on weekdays and sporadically on weekends. Frankly, I do not have enough time to post too frequently here — or there — and will probably try to keep the posts down to a few times a week. Since I have established at least one blog with a small readership, I think I can stick with it though, unlike many other would be bloggers. We’ll see.

How can you be contacted?
You can e-mail me by clicking this link here.

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The Advertising Law Blog Disclaimer

This blog is not intended to nor does it provide legal advise. If you have any legal questions or issues, please contact an attorney.

The opinions posted on this blog are exclusively those of the author unless otherwise attributed.

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