Thanks for visiting the Advertising Law Blog. As you may have guessed, this site will address various issues and developments in the law of advertising, in particular trademark law and Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) regulations and enforcement proceedings. I hope that you find this blog to be a valuable and informative resource. Enjoy and onto the frequently asked questions.

What is advertising law?
Advertising law is a field that includes any legal discipline that addresses commercial communications. This can include trademark law, regulatory law (particularly from the FTC), copyright law, and tort law. As is the case with most legal fields, advertising law is interdisciplinary and a good advertising lawyer needs at least a passing background in a number of legal specialties. Accordingly, this answer could never exhaustively define the field without going on for ever and ever and… okay, let’s move onto the next question.

What will you post on this blog?
Since this blog is fairly new, I can’t fully answer that yet. However, I hope to post relevant news, commentary, and case links and occasionally provide my own summaries and commentary on what I am reading in the field.

So how often will you post?
Again, I am not sure yet. On another blog, I post multiple times a day on weekdays and sporadically on weekends. Frankly, I do not have enough time to post too frequently here — or there — and will probably try to keep the posts down to a few times a week. Since I have established at least one blog with a small readership, I think I can stick with it though, unlike many other would be bloggers. We’ll see.

How can you be contacted?
You can e-mail me by clicking this link here.


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  • 1. duped consumer  |  April 29, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    I do not see any recent blogs on your site. Can I post a blog? If so, how? It is regarding car dealership advertising. I have been duped by a dealership and don’t think they should get away with it and I’m not sure what to do.
    Thank you.

  • 2. duped consumer  |  April 29, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    I have been duped by a car dealership.
    1st, they sent out a 4 page ad…which I feel is very misleading and contains false advertisement.
    2nd, I emailed the dealership for specific info regarding 1 particular vehicle…which was followed up by a phone call from the dealership.
    3rd, I clearly stated my interest in the vehicle, confirmed by interpretation of the ad and stated my conditions of purchase. The sales person was unsure of the financing availability and said she’d have to get back to me to confirm.
    4th, She called me back and confirmed that my offer would be accepted…she then asked when I could come to the dealership….
    5th, I arrived 1 hour later….and after walking around the yard looking for the vehicle…I was told they didn’t have it. Next, I was told the advertisement I was holding and the price I was quoted (and confirmed on the phone) was incorrect….the ad included a clause (on another page) that covered all the new vehicles for sale in the entire 4 page ad. The price advertised for the vehicle on pg.4 $8444. On page 2 the small print sentence, written almost at the bottom of the page reads “All new car prices reflect $4,000 cash down and consumer rebate from HMA………”

    Would this sentence on pg.2 include/cover the new car advertised on pg.4?

    Is there anything that I can do to stop them from such deceptive business practices?

    Getting the car for the advertised price on pg.4 and stopping them from misleading other consumers would suffice!

    I can scan the ad and email it to you if you feel that you can help.


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