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When in Rome, do as the San Marinans do

San MarinoThe international nature of advertising can make complying with advertising law difficult, but local knowledge can make a major difference. For example, Italy has a law that makes it illegal to film ads in Italy with actors that are under the age of 14. Advertisers solution: filming in the tiny — but autonomous — Republic of San Marino.


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Italy issues rules for product tracking technology

Italy’s Privacy Commissioner has issued guidelines on the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The new rules require disclosure of RFID use for tracking people and products or for compiling user profiles. The regulations also limit the extensiveness of RFID use and how long data can be retained. The Federal Trade Commission and a number of states are considering regulation of RFID. More on RFID and the new regulations in Italy can be found in Reed Smith’s AdLaw by Request.

See RFID Regulation: Italy Issues Guidelines; FTC Issues Report, AdLaw by Request (Apr. 18, 2005).

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No more Budweiser lizards’ greatest hits CDs in India

In India, you cannot advertise for cigarettes or alcohol on television, but many liquor companies have been pushing their brands on Indian television in a practice known as “surrogate advertising.” Surrogate advertising involves advertising for products using a company’s brand to promote other products sold using that same brand. For example, it is technically acceptable to promote Smirnoff cassettes in television ads in India, but not Smirnoff vodka.

Now India’s ministry of information & broadcasting is planning to amend the applicable law to stop this practice. Currently, Section 7 (2) of the Cable Act states that “no broadcaster is permitted to show an advertisement which promotes directly or indirectly, sale or consumption of cigarettes, tobacco products, wine, alcohol, liquor or other intoxicants, infant milk substitution, feeding bottle or infant food.” But the new law will also include a clause that says that “any advertisement for a product that uses a brand name which is also used for cigarette, tobacco product, wine, alcohol, liquor or any other intoxicant will not be permitted.” And yes, infant milk substitution and feeding bottles are no-nos in Indian tv ads, which only makes me wonder what kind of infant milk substitutes are sold in India when they fall in the same section as vodka and cigars.
See Prakriti Prasad, Government is all set to clamp down on brand extensions by liquor companies, Business Standard (Apr. 13, 2005)

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Fictional Duff Beer back in the headlines

Here’s a pretty funny article from on an Australian women who posted three cases of Duff Beer on eBay. Duff Beer is the fictional beverage of choice for Homer Simpson, from the Fox tv show “The Simpsons.” The fictional brand only existed in reality for a brief period in the 1990s, when two Australian breweries attempted to profit off the fame of the cartoon ale. Twentieth Century Fox sued the breweries, which stopped making Duff Beer in 1996.

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